Autumn News


Shutter Hub published a behind the scenes feature on the Bathroom Darkroom Project on their blog in August. The article covers the project from start to finish, from the process of setting up the darkroom, opening it up to artists and exhibiting and publishing the work.


I was invited by Sian Bonnell to assist with her exhibition Beyond the Camera at Pingyao International Photography Festival in September. It was the fifth edition of her show at Pingyao, and I assisted with the curation and hanging of the work of 63 recent graduates from across UK BA and MA courses. My most recent work was also exhibited at the Festival.


We held our first exhibition as Form Collective in the Collectives Hub at Brighton Photo Fringe. The exhibition featured work produced since we started working together as a collective and was presented without authorship to acknowledge the influence we have had on each other’s practices. To coincide with the exhibition we also launched our first publication, consisting of eight risograph printed posters within a cover which can be taken apart and reassembled to re-contextualise the work.

Form Collective

I am proud to now be working as a member of Form, a new collective of artists from a variety of creative backgrounds who all engage with photography as part of their practice. We are working collaboratively with the support of our mentor, Nicola Shipley of Grain Photography Hub, to produce new work which can function both within the context of the collective and as stand alone projects. Through critical discourse and sharing of skills and resources we aim to produce diverse and thought-provoking work which could not have been achieved working as individuals.

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