FORM Collective

FORM is a collective of image makers founded in response to Redeye’s Lightbox program and have been working together since October 2017.

Our core aim as a collective is to create a sharing and supportive network that encourages professional development through skill sharing and group critique, supported by our mentor Nicola Shipley of Grain Photography Hub.

We are based across the UK and have a diverse range of backgrounds and practices, with members specialising in socially engaged practice, teaching, design, creative writing, project management and book design.

In September 2018 we held our inaugural exhibition at Brighton Photo Fringe in the Collectives Hub. We all presented new projects responding to Form as a title, and the work was presented without authorship to acknowledge the influence we have had on each other’s practices since working together.

We wanted to encourage the audience to be more active participants in the work, so instead of providing gallery guides each artist wrote a text responding to their project and we commissioned a further two texts from Gemma Padley and Jacob Bolton. These pieces of writing were printed and stacked in the gallery in one large pile, so each visitor would get a different insight into the work depending on which piece they picked up.

To accompany the exhibition we also produced a book, made up of four double sided poster prints in a slip cover that can be taken apart and re-ordered to recontextualise the work, reflecting the collaborative nature of our working process.

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