Bathroom Darkroom Project

This project was established in March 2017 in response to my shared rental accommodation. It was a large seven bedroom house, none of the housemates knew each other before moving in and we have no contact with the landlord as the property is managed by an agency. Between September 2016 and February 2018 I lived with a constant rotation of different housemates; thirteen in total.

I decided to turn one of the bathrooms to a temporary darkroom, opening the house as subject matter to artists interested in making work which either used the property as a case study or reflected their own experiences of shared housing. After holding a call out for participants eleven artists were selected to take part, each of them proposing different working processes and approaches to the project. The invited artists then participated in residencies within the space lasting anything from one to four days.

The work produced has involved turning the kitchen into a camera obscura; working with a craft collective based in sheltered housing; pinhole and large format plate cameras and both documentary and constructed imagery. The participants include students, recent graduates, educators, technicians and practicing artists, based in Greater Manchester, London, Liverpool and Yorkshire.

The resulting work was exhibited in the Grosvenor Gallery in April 2018 alongside my own piece, a scale model of the original bathroom using photographs and measurements taken before moving out of the property. The work was also published in an exhibition catalogue commemorating the project, which included texts in various forms from writers responding to the themes of the project.

Work pictured (L-R):

Elizabeth Wewiora and the Many Hands Craft Collective

Elizabeth Lyons

Sketch by Rachael Burns

Catalogue - text by Anna Columbine

Anna Columbine

Barbara Jones

Matt Leeves

Catalogue - poems by Hayleigh Longman

Hayleigh Longman

Sketch by Eve Murphy

Catalogue - Image by Elizabeth Wewiora

Installation shot featuring Lydia Marley and Hayleigh Longman

Catalogue - Image by Barbara Jones

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